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  • Todo lists, inbox zero, avoid multi-tasking (attention residue/context switching) and distractions (tabs, notifications, social media)
  • Command line productivity (aliases, GitHub CLI, Alfred)
  • Get things done (done is better than perfect, move tickets furthest right on the board further right first)
  • Busy vs productive. Focus on high leverage activities.
  • Schedule distraction time instead of vice versa, silence notifications
  • Work life balance (take vacation, don’t have work email or Slack on phone)
  • all about time, energy, and attention and working on the most important
  • find purpose/motivation. Working in what you love is immediately more productive, inherent drive
  • 3 goals a day and week
  • slack notifications
  • reduce dev cycle (hot reload, watch mode, CD to quickly understand what changed if regression)
  • 80/20
  • gh alfred plugin
  • routines to take the procrastination out of it
  • put phone in drawer
  • use git, auto save in editors
  • Google keep
  • schedule down time
  • reduce decisions (clothing)
  • schedule social media
  • prepared to meetings (agenda, do tasks async beforehand, stay on task)
  • track hours worked
  • take a nap
  • speed listening, watching,
  • Timothy Pitchell: boring, unstructured or advisors, frustrating, difficult, lacking in personal meaning or intrinsic rewards
  • create rewards system
  • single task, context switching takes 15 min
  • artificial deadlines
  • set Slackbot or other reminder for topics, if none, cancel meeting
  • remove social media, limit it with Stay Focused and do not disturb
  • don’t check news, it’s ok
  • less than two minutes, do it
  • clipboard manager, password manager with 2fa filler
  • next actions, later todo lists to get this out of your head and free space so you’re not worried about forgetting, review often and prune
  • set goals OKR style
  • create List of goals each morning, start with hardest
  • batch distractions
  • noise cancelling headphones, listening to music good
  • get good at typing
  • perfect is the enemy of good
  • focus on strengths
  • Use mundane tasks to your advantage by practicing something you’re actually excited to get better at, whether that’s becoming more proficient with your text editor, practicing strict TDD or automating the task outright using a language you’re interested in.
  • consolidate inboxes, forward emails to slack for one less place to check
  • don’t do, delegate, do now, do later
  • aliases, zsh, oh my zsh
  • learn ides shortcuts, top extensions
  • reschedule/eliminate meetings (Clockwise, Geekbot), cancel meetings if no topics, cut short when done, schedule for 15-30 min
  • async communication
  • GitHub cli
  • bash and other scripts (depdater, sbt-vertex, skripts)
  • forest’s read doc article
  • protect most precious resource, time, can never get more
  • pair programming
  • think of smallest possible task to stop procrastination, stop while path forward is clear (breadcrumbs) to ease and speed up getting started again
  • The phases of a software project are, roughly speaking: defining the problem, designing the solution, implementation, testing, fix bugs, lather, rinse repeat. The “defining the problem” phase doesn’t feel very productive but it’s super important. Building the wrong thing is the opposite of productive.
  • when fixing bug, look for similar ones while solution is fresh in your mind
  • Ruthless prioritization, say no
  • provide context and relevant links when asking for help
  • link to old slack answers when providing help and document to most common in an FAQ or Readme.
  • create GitHub or slack issue templates to ensure enough info is provided
  • reduce tab, channel clutter
  • eliminate email back and forth (call, Calendly, pocket)
  • get enough sleep and exercise, take a walk over lunch or when you get stuck (or ask for help), don’t work more than 50 hrs/wk, white noise, vacations

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