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Diving into Android Development in Java/Eclipse

April 18, 2012

I’ve always wanted to write a smartphone app and finally got the kick I needed from a coworker. The decision for OS was between iOS and Android. I hardly considered Windows Phone 7 due to its low market share, though I’d love to program in C#. Android ended up winning mainly because I have an Android phone and some (one class in college) experience with Java.

After 6 years of C++ development in a mixture of Visual Studio 2005 and Qt Creator, my initial reaction to Java in Eclipse is simple, I love Alt+Shift+T! For those not versed in Eclipse, this is the shortcut for the “Refactor” context menu and I use it constantly to extract classes, pull methods up though inheritance hierarchies, introduce parameters, and more. A few of the other excellent shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+O to add and organize imports and Ctrl+Shift+F to format a file.

I’ll be blogging throughout the development process both as notes to myself and to hopefully encourage others to get their feet wet.

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